New Home Purchase Surveys

New Home Purchase Surveys

Do not get caught out when buying a new property

Buying a house is a big financial commitment and the drainage system, or systems, are an integral part of any building and failure in serviceability can cause many obvious problems. For example, the inconvenience and unpleasantness of reoccurring drain blockages, or structural damage within an underground drainage system can also lead and contribute to building subsidence.

Home purchase

Drain Blitz provide DVD recordings, a Plan drawing and Drainage Condition report of all underground drains to the point of discharge to a local authorities sewer also if any faults are identified within the properties drainage system a quotation to undertake the necessary repairs or renewals is also enclosed within the survey package. In most cases if a quotation for repairs and renewals is necessary and will be a future liability to the property buyer the vendor should discount all or a percentage of costs from the property purchase price in good will.

What's included in the pre home purchase survey package?

  • One of our trained CCTV technicians will visit the property & find an access point to the drainage system and carry out a CCTV survey
  • A full plan drawing of the property with drainage will be drawn up and issued
  • Manholes, gullies and inspection chambers will be inspected and referenced
  • CCTV DVD and coded report will be issued along with any recommendations
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