Water mains

Water mains

Until the 1960's lead was used for almost all water supply pipes and although the water is treated by your local authority, small amounts of lead can find their way into the water you use. This also applies to rust from iron pipes. Drain Blitz Drainage & Plumbing can provide fully qualified tradesmen who are highly trained in their field. The types of work we undertake can range from a small repair to a total replacement of your water supply pipe. Whether you need a new service pipe for your home or a spot repair Drain Blitz can help.

Water mains

Why would you change your Cold mains?

  • Loss of water pressure
  • Lead contaminated water
  • High water bills.
  • Perhaps your water bill is considerably higher than usual.
  • We can test your cold mains to see if there is a leak between the water authorities stopcock and your household stopcock.
  • You would like to move your incoming cold mains from one position to another.

Jobs we do

  • Leak Repair - emergency repairs carried out on all size of water mains
  • Leak Detection - using electronic listening devices to pinpoint the leak
  • Replacement Mains - replacement of lead, polybutylene, copper or cast iron
  • Lead Mains - replacement (often required to increase pressure/flow when fitting new combi boilers,etc)
  • We also repair existing cold water mains whether it is lead pipe, polybutylene, alkathene or copper.

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